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Ron Martin

Vice President of the Nutrients Division

Ron Martin is the Vice President of the Nutrients Division at Kaneka North America. Ron’s dedication to lifelong learning and belief that “one cannot know too much” inspired a decades-long career centered around educating the public about health.

Through his work, Ron aims to provide the information, research and resources that people need to better educate themselves about their health and live a healthy lifestyle.

As the Vice President of the Nutrients Division, Ron is responsible for strategic planning and leads the charge to educate the public about Ubiquinol, a nutrient-rich form of CoQ10. Ron develops, executes and manages consumer, retailer and healthcare professional marketing strategies and tactics across digital, print and live event touchpoints.

Overview of Career

Ron Martin has worked in pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing for over 20 years, driven by his goal of developing and providing educational materials that teach patients, consumers, caregivers and healthcare professionals how to improve their health.

In his mission to enact positive change through education, Ron took on the role of City Councilman for the city of Deer Park. He is also:

  • A member of Deer Park's Marketing Committee
  • The Chair of the Master Planning Committee.
  • A Board Member for the Deer Park Education Foundation

Ron has published many patient education materials for cardiovascular and respiratory medications and supplements.


Ron holds a Bachelor Degree in Biological Sciences and a minor in Chemistry from University of Texas at Austin.

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