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Millions of health conscious consumers have chosen CoQ10 supplements as a proven and effective way to improve their heart function & support healthy aging. But, what most people don't know is that the Ubiquinol form of CoQ10 is actually your body's preferred CoQ10 source. Find out why below!

What is CoQ10?

CoQ10 is a nutrient found in every cell of the body and is essential for cells and organs to perform at their very best. A helpful way to think about the function of CoQ10 in the cell is to think about how a spark plug works in an engine. CoQ10 plays a huge role in cellular production, so it's no wonder that the highest concentrations in our bodies are where we need the most energy - the heart, brain, liver, and kidneys.

Why Should I Take Ubiquinol?

When we are young and healthy, the body produces CoQ10 and converts it to the active Ubiquinol form. In fact, in a young and healthy person, more than 95% of the total CoQ10 is in the Ubiquinol form. Studies show that around age 30, ubiquinol levels begin to decrease.

What are the Benefits of Ubiquinol?

The Heart

CoQ10 has been the subject of more than 3,000 clinical studies on a wide variety of health conditions over the past few decades. Heart health has been the most researched topic, likely because your heart is one of the most energy demanding organs. In a 2008 clinical study, congestive heart failure patients were given supplemental ubiquinone with little to no results. After switching the subjects to Ubiquinol, the researchers noted a significant increase in the mean ejection fraction level.

What is ejection fraction? Think of it as "heart horsepower". Cardiologists measure ejection fraction as the strength of the heart and its ability to pump blood to the rest of the body. Ubiquinol can increase ejection fraction by up to 17%.

Statin medications are commonly prescribed to lower bad LDL cholesterol. Unfortunately, those same statins also wipe out your body's CoQ10 reserves which can lead to muscle aches, cramps, and fatigue. Taking a daily Ubiquinol supplement is the best way to replensih low CoQ10 levels. 1 in 4 Americans over the age of 45 takes a statin drug.

Antioxidant Protection

Ubiquinol offers antioxidant protection. Only when CoQ10 is in the Ubiquinol form is it able to protect cells from free radical damage and neutralize "bad" LDL cholesterol.

Why Can't I Just Eat Healthy to Get Ubiquinol?

Ubiquinol can be obtained in moderate amounts in meat, fish, and poultry and in even smaller amounts in nuts and green vegetables. Problem is, in order to get just the minimum recommended 100mg of Ubiquinol per day, you would need to eat:

  • 7.5 lbs of steak
  • 12.75 lbs of chicken
  • 3.5 lbs of peanuts
  • 50 cups of spinach
  • 120 cans of sardines

You could eat all of this, or take one 100mg softgel of Ubiquinol.

Why Should I Take Ubiquinol to Get CoQ10?

Ubiquinol has superior bioavailability to ordinary ubiquinone. Studies suggest that Ubiquinol is the most effective form to take. You get more benefits for your money when you take Ubiquinol compared to ubiquinone. Taking Ubiquinol directly means your body can absorb it right away.

How Much Should I Take?

When you start taking Ubiquinol, the standard amount is 200-300mg a day for the first few weeks. This will help build your Ubiquinol levels. After the first few weeks, take 100mg per day.

Why Kaneka?

Kaneka Nutrients, a subsidiary of Kaneka Corporation Japan, manufacturers quality dietary ingredients for the nutritional supplement and food & beverage industries. In 1977, Kaneka introduced the world's first commercial Coenzyme Q10 product, Kaneka Q10. Nearly 30 years later, Kaneka unveiled the next generation of CoQ10, Kaneka QH Ubiquinol. Kaneka is the global leader in CoQ10 and maintain an ongoing commitment to support clinical research, new product innovation, and an unyielding devotion to quality standards at our facilities in Houston, TX and Takasago, Japan. For the best quality Ubiquinol, make sure your favorite supplement brand has this trusted symbol from Kaneka.

Where Can I Get Ubiquinol?

Ubiquinol is "ubiquitous" and it is available just about anywhere you shop:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Drug Stores
  • Internet
  • Health Food Stores
  • Warehouse Clubs

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