Written by Heather Baker

Naturally occurring Ubiquinol (pronounced “you-bik-win-all”) in foods such as chicken converts back to the conventional form of CoQ10 when you cook it. This makes it more difficult for your body to absorb and use.   

And even though Ubiquinol can be obtained in your diet by eating oily fish, organ meats, or whole grains, it’s difficult to get high levels without eating excessive amounts of these foods. For example, the foods listed below are naturally rich in Ubiquinol. However, you’d have to eat the amounts listed to reach the recommended daily dose of 100mg. But since no one can eat 33 pounds (or 120 cans) of sardines every day in order to get 100 mg of Ubiquinol, you can instead take one 100mg Ubiquinol softgel.

Recommended Daily Dose = 1 x 100 capsule of Ubiquinol CoQ10