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Kaneka is the only company in the world that makes Ubiquinol, the advanced form of CoQ10. Kaneka then provides the Ubiquinol ingredient to hundreds of brands. This means the biggest difference between Kaneka’s brand and other manufacturers is the other ingredients used to create the softgel.

Kaneka’s brand of Ubiquinol is dairy free, gluten free, and wheat free. Other manufacturers may use ingredients that cater to other dietary needs, like using soy-free or nut-free ingredients.

When deciding what brand to purchase, first look for the Kaneka Quality Seal, which ensures the product was made with Kaneka Ubiquinol. Then, learn more about the added ingredients to find the brand that meets your specific dietary needs. To learn more about purchasing Ubiquinol, reference the Buyer’s Guide on Ubiquinol.org.

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