Burn calories and support your health goals with this at-home HiiT workout, designed by a certified trainer.  Kick start your he

High-Intensity Interval Training, or HiiT, is a term used to describe short periods of intense exercise punctuated with short recovery periods. HiiT workouts often range from between 10-30 minutes. Despite how short the workout is, these types of workouts can provide a plethora of health benefits, including burning calories, increasing your metabolic rate, and helping you gain muscle and lose fat. Interested in trying out a Hiit workout? Lyndsey Fielding, owner of Fielding FamilyFit, walks you through a HiiT routine with modifications for more advanced athletes and beginners.

Lyndsey Fielding

Certified Trainer

Lyndsey Fielding is a certified trainer, gym owner, and community fitness leader. She is CrossFit Level 1 certified and is head trainer for her 3,500 ft2 athletic facility.

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