7-Min Low-Impact Workout You Can Do Anywhere -- No Equipment Required!

Middle-aged couple stretching out arms and legs on yoga mat indoors
Written by Lyndsey Fielding
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Trying to sneak a quick workout into your busy day? Try this quick, 7-minute at-home workout -- no equipment required! Instead, you’ll use your body weight to build strength, making it easy to perform this workout at home, during your lunch break, or even traveling! With modifications for beginners and more advanced alternatives for athletes, everyone can benefit from this gentle workout - and you may even break a sweat. If you’re new to fitness, be sure to grab a chair to help make this workout even more approachable.

Written by:

Lyndsey Fielding

Certified Trainer

Lyndsey Fielding is a certified trainer, gym owner, and community fitness leader. She is CrossFit Level 1 certified and is head trainer for her 3,500 ft2 athletic facility.

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