5 Ways to Rekindle the Romance in Your Relationship

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When you’ve been dating or married for a long time, it can be tough to find that old spark you once had. When it comes to matters of the heart, love is top of mind. What can you do to rekindle that flame? Here at Kaneka, we have a few ideas for how to reconnect with your sweetheart.

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How Can You Put the Spark Back in Your Romance?

Here are five great ways to help your heart skip a beat again with your romantic partner—metaphorically speaking, of course!

1. Try A Little Tenderness

If you’re having trouble connecting romantically with your partner, try taking a page out of Otis Redding’s book. Tenderness—or gentleness, in other words—can go a long way toward mending a rift or closing the distance that may have grown between the two of you. Often, romantic relationships that feel very high-pressure can lead people to close themselves off from each other. Practice building tenderness into your interactions using small gestures—make your partner a cup of coffee in the morning without them asking for it, take a chore or two off their to-do list, or surprise them with fresh flowers or a sweet treat when they don’t expect it. Most of all, think of ways you can express your love to them in simple little ways that don’t demand a lot of acknowledgement or fuss. Who knows? Like the song itself, your tenderness might just lead to some sweet slow dancing in the living room.

2. Go On an Adventure Together

If your routine is what’s getting the two of you down, why not shake it up? Find a free weekend day for a fun day-trip to the beach, the mountains, or even just a new part of town you’ve been hoping to explore. By trying new things with each other, you’ll form new memories to share—something precious in a partnership that’s long-lived. If you can’t find time for a whole day away, choose a smaller adventure. Try going out on a date you’d never think to consider—go dancing, hit the casino, try out an escape room. You can find adventure even in something small, like trying a new restaurant or going someplace you haven’t visited in awhile.

3. Share in Each Others’ Interests

Odds are, the two of you have a lot in common, but there’s likely a lot that distinguishes one from the other, too! Learn more about each other by teaching your partner about a skill or hobby you have. Then, trade places and learn more about their interests! You’d be surprised how much you might not know about a person, even when they’re very close to you.

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4. Get Cookin’ in the Kitchen

If you don’t like going out, why not make your own culinary experience by cooking together? Studies have shown that couples who cook together are more likely to stay in a relationship with each other in the long run. Try out a new recipe from one of our cuisine of the month series, like Ethiopian or French. You can’t imagine a date night that’s more tasteful—things might even get a little spicy!

5. Set Time Aside for an Evening Stroll

Another great idea is to make time each day to take a walk around your neighborhood together. Walking is not only a heart healthy activity, it can allow the two of you to hold hands, or chat about things that interest you. Walking together is a great way to get to know each other better -- and is low low stakes and fun!

No matter how you decide to reconnect with your partner, it’s important that you try. Staying connected with the people you love is one of the most significant things you can do for your own heart health, and for theirs.

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