Medical Providers

Kaneka Ubiquinol™ is the next generation of CoQ10.

Many medical providers have been recommending CoQ10 supplements to patients taking statins for years. Why is Kaneka Ubiquinol superior to CoQ10 for statin users? In every clincial study to date, Kaneka Ubiquinol has consistently proven to be more absorbable by the body than conventional CoQ10 supplements. Kaneka Ubiquinol provides the benefits of CoQ10 in a more absorbable form for the human body, promoting heart health, helping maintain normal blood pressure for patients and providing sustained, healthy energy. Kaneka Ubiquinol also provides antioxidant support that CoQ10 cannot provide, helping to prevent free radical damage and oxidative stress.

Clinical Studies


To date, studies have consistently shown that Kaneka Ubiquinol is more absorbable by the body than the ubiquinone form of CoQ10 . 

How Much to Take

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The recommended daily dose of Kaneka Ubiquinol varies based on each person's specific needs.

As a general guideline, start supplementing with 200-300 mg per day for the first two to three weeks. After that, 100 mg of Kaneka Ubiquinol per day is a good amount to maintain optimal ubiquinol levels.

CoQ10 Comparison

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For more than 30 years, CoQ10 supplements have been available, but products made with Kaneka Ubiquinol have only become available in recent years. See the difference between CoQ10 and Kaneka Ubiquinol.

Statin Prescriptions

Because of the ability of statin drugs to inhibit the body's production of CoQ10, many medical providers recommend a supplement to their patients when they prescribe statins to help manage cholesterol. But statins also inhibit the body's ability to convert CoQ10 to its active state, ubiquinol. In 2007, Kaneka Ubiquinol became available to supplement manufacturers, resulting in greater health benefits for patients over traditional CoQ10. Consider recommending Kaneka Ubiquinol to your patients who take statins.

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