Heart Health

Heart Health
Written by Robert Barry
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Clinical studies have shown Kaneka Ubiquinol promotes and helps maintain a healthy heart.

In six studies, 133 healthy human subjects between the ages of 20 and 87 years old took 100-300 mg per day of Kaneka Ubiquinol for up to 24 weeks, and each person showed a consistent, intake-dependent increase in coenzyme Q10 levels, which provided antioxidant benefits.

Everyone deserves to maintain a healthy heart. A healthy cardiovascular system is at the core of a healthy body for most people. Supporting your body’s continued health through the latest medical research is our mission. That is why we have developed the next generation of CoQ10 after 30 years of clinical research. Kaneka Ubiquinol is a potent antioxidant, with the highest concentration found in the heart, that has been shown to benefit the cardiovascular system and helps support arterial health.

The highest concentration of ubiquinol is in your heart. As we age, heart health becomes even more important. During the aging process, our body begins to lose some of its natural ability to sustain the processes crucial to maintaining a healthy body. When your body is unable to sustain these functions, free radicals can attack your cells, which in turn can threaten a healthy heart, strong immune system and normal energy levels. Ubiquinol works naturally in your system to minimize free radical damage and help restore CoQ10, generating energy throughout your body, especially in your heart.

Written by:

Robert Barry


Robert Barry, Ph.D is the Director of Scientific Affairs for Kaneka Nutrients. He focuses on clinical research development and collaboration, as well as the development of the technical, business and commercial translation of products and technology for Kaneka Nutrients, Kaneka QHTM (Ubiquinol) and other health-related products.

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