Are you combatting the side effects of statins?

Statins are commonly prescribed to lower a person's cholesterol level. But many people don’t realize that cholesterol-lowering statins also negatively affects the body’s natural way of making CoQ10.

Having sufficient levels of CoQ10 in the blood is important for keeping your heart and other vital organs operating at the optimal level.

Many are surprised to learn that CoQ10 actually exists in two main forms with important differences.

Which form of CoQ10 will help you combat the nutritional side effect of statins? Take our Quiz to find out!


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Which Form of CoQ10 is Right For You? Take our Quiz.

CoQ10 is one of the most popular nutritional supplements on the market today, but how do you know if you’re taking the best form of this important nutrient?

Many are surprised to learn that CoQ10 actually exists in two main forms: conventional CoQ10 and Ubiquinol CoQ10. Although both are available as supplements, the properties and benefits of each differ depending on the form.

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