The patient with heart health concerns


*Not an actual patient
Age 59


  • Patient comes in for annual exam
  • Stephanie is an elementary school principal
  • Divorced, with 1 child in college
  • Smokes on occasion (socially) and goes out for drinks once a week
  • Sedentary, states she does not have time to exercise


  • Family history of cardiovascular disease; her father died at age 67 from a myocardial infarction
  • Diagnosed last year with type 2 diabetes

Current Treatment

  • Started metformin at diabetes diagnosis
  • Prefers natural remedies; for example, she uses comfrey cream for her occasional back pain
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Stephanie asks, "What else can I do for my heart? Sometimes I worry I’m not doing enough"
Stephanie Dialog
For the patient with heart health concerns, consider Ubiquinol

Possible Recommendations:

  • Continue to monitor diabetes and treat appropriately
  • Try to quit smoking
  • Introduce regular, light exercise
  • Reevaluate diet and choose healthy foods
  • Consider Ubiquinol to support optimal heart health1-3

Ubiquinol plays a role in heart health through multiple mechanisms

  • Ubiquinol helps to protect against lipid peroxidation4-6
  • Ubiquinol is more effective than lipid-soluble vitamin E in protecting against lipid peroxidation7,8
  • Ubiquinol can improve markers associated with heart health, including reduction of GGT (gamma-glutamyltransferase), a marker of oxidative health9-12
    • Ubiquinol acts as an antioxidant and provides cellular defense against oxidative damage7,13
  • Read more about how Ubiquinol supports optimal heart health.
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Stephanie: "Can't I just get Ubiquinol through what I eat?"

A typical daily serving of Ubiquinol is 100 milligrams

  • Ubiquinol is found in some foods (cabbage, broccoli, oysters, liver, avocados, oranges), but only in very small amounts14
  • For example, you would have to eat 60 avocados to get the same amount of Ubiquinol in one 100 mg Kaneka Ubiquinol capsule15


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