Clinical evidence

Ubiquinol helps support optimal heart health

The role of Ubiquinol in restoring depleted levels of CoQ10 and improving ejection fraction1

  • In case reports of 29 cardiac patients, those patients who switched to Ubiquinol (average of 334 mg/day) from CoQ10 (average 384 mg/day) for 18 months experienced an increase in average serum CoQ10 level from 2.9 µg/mL to 5.3 µg/mL (P<0.001)1

  • Average ejection fraction (EF), a measurement of the percentage of blood leaving (ejected from) the heart each time it contracts, improved from 40.9% to 47.8% (P<0.004)1

Higher Ubiquinol levels are shown to be associated with lower levels of blood markers of oxidative stress, including GGT, NT-proNBP, and CRP2-7

GGT (gamma glutamyltransferase)

Ubiquinol reduces GGT in men2

  • GGT is considered a marker of oxidative stress3
  • Elevated serum GGT levels are associated with the development of certain cardiovascular conditions3-5


Higher serum levels of Ubiquinol, an antioxidant, are associated with lower serum NT-proBNP (N-terminal pro b-type natriuretic peptide) levels6

  • Elevated values of NT-proBNP are associated with certain cardiovascular conditions6
  • To read more about how Ubiquinol acts as an antioxidant, click here

C-reactive protein

The relationship between CoQ10 and the serum level of c-reactive protein (CRP) was investigated in a large study population (n=1319; patient mean age of 48.0 ± 14.4 years)7

  • Ubiquinol status in plasma was significantly (P<0.001) correlated to the concentration of CRP; the greater the levels of oxidized CoQ10, the greater the levels of CRP7
    • CRP in the blood may be a sign of a health condition
  • In a follow-up study with 53 healthy male patients, daily supplementation with 150 mg of Ubiquinol for 14 days significantly increased Ubiquinol plasma concentrations and decreased the CoQ10 redox status (% of oxidized form of CoQ10)7

Additional evidence

As reported in a small pilot study, Ubiquinol was shown to improve endothelial function in cardiac patients with reduced ejection fraction8

  • Ubiquinol 400 mg/day for 3 months provided significant improvement in peripheral endothelial function in patients with HFrEF (heart failure with reduced ejection fraction) as measured by reactive hyperemia index (RHI)
  • RHI significantly improved with Ubiquinol (P=0.026) but not with placebo (P=0.198)
  • Subjects: n=14; mean age 70; 86% male
  • To read about a larger study where Ubiquinol significantly improved endothelial function in healthy patients with mild-to-moderate dyslipidemia, click here.


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