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Patient education fact sheet
ICD coding for patients with nutritional deficiency
Free eBook on heart health in older patients
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patient eductaion fact sheet

Patient education fact sheet

If you’re recommending Ubiquinol or giving samples to patients, you can also quickly provide patients with information about Ubiquinol with this one-page fact sheet. Just download and print. It includes a coupon and information on how patients can find Ubiquinol online or in their favorite stores.

If you need to order samples of Ubiquinol or restock your supply, you can do so here.


ICD coding for patients

ICD coding for patients with nutritional deficiency

Did you know there’s an ICD code for the diagnosis of nutritional deficiency? For patients with statin-induced CoQ10 deficiency, ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code E63.9 Nutritional deficiency, unspecified may be used. We’ve created a reminder you can download to keep on your desktop or print for your reference.

Heart Health Benefits

Free eBook on heart health in older patients

Written by medical professionals for clinicians, this 50-page eBook takes an in-depth look at research and recommendations in cardiovascular health. It also explains how Ubiquinol plays a critical role in cellular energy production to help power the heart, works as an antioxidant to prevent cellular damage, and addresses the nutritional needs of patients with depleted CoQ10 levels due to statin use.


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