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Taking a Statin to Lower Cholesterol?

Statins are very effective in removing cholesterol, but also reduce the availability of Ubiquinol in your heart

Cholesterol is a fatty compound found in the fats in your blood and is an important component of human health, but high levels of cholesterol in blood are linked to risk of cardiovascular disease. Doctors prescribe statin drugs to help lower cholesterol. Statin medications work by inhibiting your body's production of cholesterol. However, statins are indiscriminate and also remove Ubiquinol and a whole host of other essential nutrients and vitamins.

According to Suzy Cohen, author of Drug Muggers, along with statin drugs, "There are over 200 medications that can reduce CoQ10 levels in the body, among them estrogen hormones, diabetic and blood pressure medications and acid reflux drugs. The deficiency can cause what looks like a new 'disease' such as fibromyalgia pain, fatigue, leg cramps, spasms, memory loss, or liver problems." 

Ubiquinol, one of the most popular nutrients used for heart health, is the biologically active form of CoQ10. It is ideal for people taking cholesterol reducing medicines because Ubiquinol restores CoQ10 levels that are diminished by statin drugs. 


Side Effects of Statin Drugs

  • Decreased Ubiquinone levels
  • Raised Liver Enzymes
  • Muscle pain and weakness (Myalgia)
  • Nerve damage
  • Slight increased risk of diabetes
  • Drug Interactions

Taking Ubiquinol can counteract the decreased CoQ10 levels associated with statin drugs, and may help decrease associated muscle pain.

Lowering Cholesterol

Diet, weight and exercise are factors which can affect your cholesterol levels and that you have control over.

Ask Your Doctor

Many doctors recommend a Ubiquinol supplement when they prescribe a cholesterol reducing statin medication to their patients.

Studies have shown that Ubiquinol is beneficial to your cardiovascular system, helps support arterial health, and promotes optimial heart health. Ask your doctor if Ubiquinol is right for you.