Health Tips For Men in Their 40s

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You just turned 40, but in your mind, you’re 30. Now’s the perfect time to take stock of your health, especially if you’ve neglected your annual wellness exams or fell off the exercise train in your earlier years. As we age, we become more at risk for certain chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis.1 But simple changes in your 40s can help reduce those risks.2

Staying Healthy in Your 40s

Don’t dread your 40s, celebrate them and put yourself on a healthy path so you can feel great and enjoy life to its fullest. Here’s what you can do to get and stay healthy now so you can enjoy your 50s, 60s, and beyond.

Changes in Your Health

Men are less likely to go to the doctor than women.3 That means men are more likely to have neglected their health in their earlier years. Aging is a part of life you just can’t change. As we age, health conditions often arise as well as other changes like having trouble seeing, having to turn the volume up a bit more on the TV, wondering why your back hurts, and having trouble keeping your weight in check.4 But it’s never too late to get on track when it comes to your health.

Tips on Healthy Aging

Men want to remain active and strong and look their best just like women. But, men have their own set of health concerns as they age. Here are some tips just for men in their 40s:

  • Schedule annual exams - Men are far less likely to schedule routine wellness exams than women. A survey found that 55% of men had not seen their doctor for a physical exam in the previous year, even though 40% of them had at least one chronic condition3. Annual wellness exams can help spot any potential issues sooner - when they’re typically easier to treat - rather than later.5
  • Get screened for prostate cancer - as men age, their risks for prostate issues increase. While the average age of a man diagnosed with prostate cancer is 65, it’s important to start screening earlier, because when caught early, prostate cancer is more treatable.6
  • Talk to your doctor about erectile dysfunction (ED) - Don’t take ED lightly. Talk to your doctor as there are many factors that can lead to ED such as stress and tobacco use, or much more serious issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, or clogged arteries.7
  • Get heart-healthy - Men, on average, develop heart disease about 10 years earlier than women, and 1 in 4 deaths is caused by heart disease. As men age, risk factors for heart disease increase due to reduced testosterone and weight gain that can lead to chronic conditions we’ve touched that can increase your risk of a heart attack.8 You can reduce your risks through healthy habits like exercising regularly and eating a heart-healthy diet.9
  • Reduce stress - Chronic stress can be bad for your heart. Stress is a known risk factor for heart disease, which is the number one killer for men ages 45-54.10

Getting older doesn’t have to be a bad thing. While you may not be able to avoid thinning hair or wrinkles, you can still feel great in your 40s and beyond when you take simple steps for a healthy lifestyle.

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