Ubiquinol helped celebrate National Heart Health Month through Facebook. We utilized our fanbase in a few different ways:

  • During the first week of February, we launched our Show Us Your Heart Health Contest on Facebook. Fans uploaded a photo of themselves with their reason for being heart healthy, and were entered to win one of three 4-month supplies of Ubiquinol supplements. Our contest got our fans to think about why their heart health was important, and we learned many great reasons why they chose to be heart healthy.
  • To wrap up the month, we hosted a live Facebook Chat to discuss heart health. Our team of experts was on hand to field responses, and there were many great questions from our fans about different aspects of cardiovascular health. Our live chat is still open for discussion if you have a question you want answered. Please keep in mind that the response time will be slower. Disclaimer: We cannot provide medical advice. If your question is urgent, immediately consult a medical professional.

Heart health is always important, regardless of the month. We hope that you treat every month like it is national heart health month. Through positive heart healthy choices, you can help keep your heart strong for years to come.