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Written by Risa Schulman
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If you take daily supplements like vitamins, collagen, probiotics, or heart supplements like Ubiquinol, it can be hard to tell when exactly to take them. While some vitamins and supplements definitely have optimal times of day recommended in product labeling for best results, Ubiquinol itself does not. Still, there are ways to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your Ubiquinol supplement, no matter when you decide to take it during the day.

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Here’s a quick guide from us at Kaneka for how to get the most out of your Ubiquinol supplement depending on when you usually take it during the day.

Start Your Day Off Right

If you’re more of a morning person, you can absolutely take your Ubiquinol supplement in the morning. Because Ubiquinol is a supplement that is fat soluble, it is best absorbed when you take it with a hearty breakfast, ideally one that incorporates healthy fats, like avocado toast, a nutty yogurt parfait or trail mix, or an egg white omelet with salmon and dill, for instance. While Ubiquinol does support your body’s production of cellular energy, don’t expect for it to perk you up the way a shot of espresso would.

Many people who take a Ubiquinol supplement feel better when they incorporate it into their daily health routine, but the difference some users notice is a subtle, gradual increase in energy levels rather than the brief spike provided by caffeine or other stimulants. In fact, because the change in energy levels is not an immediate or drastic increase, most people may not even realize it’s happening, but they may notice a drop in their energy if they stop taking a Ubiquinol supplement.

Night Time Can Be the Right Time

For some folks, taking Ubiquinol at night rather than in the morning is a better fit. You might have concerns about whether or not taking Ubiquinol at night will keep you up—do not fret. While Ubiquinol does support the maintenance of your body’s cellular energy, the effects of the supplement should not affect your sleep patterns. However, if you do decide to take your Ubiquinol at night rather than in the morning, pay attention to the quality of your sleep—are you still getting enough sleep? Is your sleep deep and fulfilling? If you notice changes in your sleep patterns, it’s probably a good idea to switch it up and take your Ubiquinol supplement earlier in the day, such as with your afternoon or evening meal, rather than right before bed.

Spread Out Your Doses

If you take more than one Ubiquinol softgel per day, consider spreading out your doses so that you’re taking some of your supplement in the morning and some later in the day. While you will need to remember to take your Ubiquinol twice rather than just once per day, splitting up dosages can help ensure you are getting the full benefit of Ubiquinol by allowing your body to absorb it better, especially when you take Ubiquinol with food containing healthy fats.

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In conclusion, you can take your Ubiquinol supplements whenever is most convenient for you and your schedule. If you find that taking your supplement later in the evening is disrupting your sleep, it’s best to adjust the time that you take your supplement. Ubiquinol is designed to work with your body to support cellular energy production, protect your body from oxidative stress that can damage cells, promote heart health, and more. If you haven’t started taking Ubiquinol, you can learn about the supplement's health benefits, or learn how to try it for yourself today!

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