Are Fad Workouts Helpful or Harmful?

Sometime around the 5th century BC, a messenger ran 26 miles from the town of Marathon to the town of Athens to announce a Greek victory over the Persians. As soon as he had shared his good news, he died. And a new workout was born.We humans are always coming up with new ways to get what we want. Aside from, let’s say, money and love, what everybody seems to want most is health and beauty. In Read More...

Chemicals in Cosmetics: The Forgotten Toxins

What price do we pay for beauty? We certainly spend a lot of money on cosmetics, that's for sure. The U.S. cosmetics industry brought in nearly $60 billion in revenue last year. But are we paying the ultimate price with our health? When George Santayana wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” we're pretty sure he wasn't referring to cosmetics. Still, the adage works Read More...

Hormone Therapy: Risks Outweigh Any Rewards

Of all the body’s systems, one of the most mysterious to common knowledge (and to medical science) is the endocrine system, a series of mostly small organs that produce and secrete hormones via glands: the thyroid, the hypothalamus, the pineal gland. These glands plug away every day, and most of us are quite unaware of them…until there’s a problem. Problems that could bring these glands to our Read More...

Organic Dairy Regulations: What Makes a Cow "Organic?"

Today more than ever before, people are concerned about the safety and integrity of their food – where it comes from and what goes into it – and the same is true of dairy products. Many people have a basic understanding of what organic produce means: no chemicals and no pesticides. But what are the regulations for organic dairy? We know cows make milk, but do you know what makes cows “organic?” Read More...

Start a Romance With Heart Health

Love it or hate it, Feb. 14 is celebrated throughout the world as the feast day of St. Valentine, a Roman martyr from the third century who, history has it, acted as a priest to marry Christians against the law of Roman authorities. Over the years, of course, Valentine’s Day has come to represent romantic love, and the heart has become the universal symbol of that love: heart-shaped boxes of Read More...

The Link Between Heart Health and Other Diseases

"The heart of the matter." "A change of heart." "It’s what my heart tells me." While the heart is only one of many organs in the body, just hearing common clichés and colloquialisms proves that many think the heart is the most important of them all. A beating heart signals life, and a “broken heart” symbolizes great sadness. So it should come as no surprise that heart health goes hand in hand Read More...

What Triggers a Recall? The FDA's Role

Recalls crop up regularly. So regularly, in fact, that "recall fatigue" is a thing. Many recalls cover automobile defects or faulty toys, but when the recall involves foods or pharmaceuticals, the FDA steps in. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration officially came to be in 1930. The passage of the Pure Food and Drugs Act in 1906, which prohibited interstate commerce of adulterated or mislabeled Read More...

Can You Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

In 2006, The International Diabetes Federation introduced a visual symbol intended to represent diabetes worldwide. The symbol is a simple blue circle.1 Like the red ribbon symbolizing AIDS or the pink ribbon symbolizing breast cancer, the blue circle is supposed to call to mind the necessity of diabetes awareness and the need to fight the disease on every level — from the personal to the Read More...

Diet Fads Through the Decades

The New Year has arrived, and with it thousands of soon-to-be bereft diet resolutions. Every year, Americans spend a lot of money – more than $60 billion – on weight loss products.1 Apparently, much of that goes to waste because more than one-third of American adults are still obese.2The sad news is that our biology works against weight loss. Weight retention once provided an evolutionary Read More...

Quality Fade: When Manufacturers Cut Corners

Ah, the good old days, when movies were better and sports were fair and doctors made house calls. Everybody plays the good-ol’-days game sometimes. Often it’s just nostalgia for a time gone by, but sometimes the perception of faded quality is reality. Beloved restaurants often do get worse when they expand into chains. In blockbuster movie franchises, Part 5 usually is worse than the original, Read More...

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