Ubiquinol Bucket List – 6 Ways to Relax Your Mind

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When is the last time you relaxed? And we don’t mean the last time you put your feet up after a long day... Think about the last time you escaped the everyday, put your phone down, and intentionally took some time out to relax. If it’s been a while, don’t worry — this week’s Ubiquinol Bucket List item is all about how to unwind and relieve anxiety.

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Ways to Relax Your Mind and Slow Your Thoughts:

  1. Take a bath

    There are many benefits of taking a hot bath. You can burn calories, loosen up sore muscles, and even escape your family for a bit. But a bath is also a great way to relax. Start with a bath bomb or some lavender-scented Epsom salt. Next, light up some candles and dim the lights to give your eyes a break. Finally, put your phone on silent, and add some soothing music.

  2. Do some yoga

    If you’re already skipping this one over because you aren’t the ultimate yogi, have no fear. Yoga isn’t just for the stereotypical yoga enthusiast; it’s actually a great exercise for everyone, even if you’re not very flexible. Harvard Medical School said that yoga can help you lose weight, encourage healthier eating, and even support your heart health!

  3. Take a much-needed afternoon nap

    Most children resist taking naps and often try to get out of it. But when those children grow up to be adults, they usually miss those very naps. These days, naps aren’t only for children or retirees. If you’re feeling exhausted, a nap could be beneficial for your health. Harvard Medical School even published a study on the benefits of naps! Be sure to set your alarm in case you have somewhere to be later.

  4. Go for a 30 -minute walk

    Relaxing isn’t only about staying quiet or not moving — a quick walk can relieve built-up stress. It gives you an opportunity to stretch your body and get your blood pumping. If you work in an office, try to get outside for at least 15 or 30 minutes every day. Taking in fresh air can increase your energy levels and decrease anxiety or stress. Studies show that spending 30 minutes outside can also improve your health

  5. Start a meditation routine

    Meditation is another activity that not only allows your body to relax, but it also helps relieve stress. Meditation is the practice of thinking deeply or focusing your mind for a period of time. Even if it’s only for five minutes, try to meditate once a day. There are several apps out there to help, such as Headspace. If you have an Apple Watch or smartwatch, you can also set daily reminders to take a break and focus on your breathing, which is another form of meditation. Not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why you should meditate.

  6. Splurge on a spa day

    Our final recommendation for ways to relax this month is: Take a spa day. You can book a massage locally, go away for the weekend to a luxurious spa, or even host a special day of pampering at home. An at-home spa day could include a hot bath with candles and relaxing music, a foot soak with essential oils, relaxing on the couch while a heating pad warms your sore muscles, or giving yourself a leisurely manicure or pedicure. 

    Before going to a shared facility, check your local government's social distancing regulations.

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