Can I Get Ubiquinol From the Foods I Eat?

Salmon Peanuts Spinach and Avocado
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Some foods, like oily fish, peanuts, spinach, and avocados contain the Ubiquinol form of CoQ10. However, these foods only contain a small amount of Ubiquinol and you’d have to eat a substantial amount of food to gain 100 milligrams of Ubiquinol CoQ10. For example, you’d have to eat 60 avocados, three and a half pounds of peanuts, or 50 cups of spinach to obtain the recommended daily dose of Ubiquinol through food alone.

Thankfully, you can get your daily dose of Ubiquinol by taking a 100 milligram Ubiquinol softgel each day. To shop for Ubiquinol online, visit If you prefer to shop for Ubiquinol in person, visit to find a store near you.

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