Heather Baker

Brand Strategy Manager

Heather Baker is the Brand Strategy Manager at Kaneka Ubiquinol. Her mission is to give consumers the opportunity to engage with innovative products that make a difference in their lives, their communities and throughout the world.

As the Brand Strategy Manager, Heather creates key marketing initiatives for Ubiquinol, a nutrient-rich form of CoQ10. She manages the full lifecycle of Ubiquinol marketing campaigns from initial planning and day-to-day tactics to launch and analytics. With a “whatever it takes” attitude, Heather is a detail-oriented achiever with an eye for the big picture.

Overview of Career

Before joining the Kaneka Ubiquinol team, Heather’s professional career spanned animal health, finance and the legal industry. 


Heather Baker received her MBA from Western Governors University and her Bachelor of Science from Southwestern Assemblies of God University.

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