5 Mobile Apps For Tracking Your Heart Health

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Written by Risa Schulman
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From helping to organize daily tasks, entertain us, and keep us connected, it seems there is an app for almost every aspect of daily life. However, with nearly two million apps available for use on smartphones and tablets, it can be difficult to narrow down which will meet your needs and offer the features you seek.

For seniors looking to keep track of their heart-healthy lifestyle, we’ve put together a list of senior-friendly apps to download today.

Apps for Heart Health

From monitoring important heart-health numbers, to helping you keep on track with your diet and fitness goals, these easy-to-use apps have a range of features that can make it easier and even fun!

1. SmartBP For Tracking Blood Pressure at Home (iOS, Android)

4.4 App Store Rating

3.6 Google Play Store Rating

Tracking your blood pressure is key to monitoring your heart health. This blood pressure management app allows you to monitor your own blood pressure and more. Record, track, and analyze your blood pressure information by syncing with your separate blood pressure monitor, so you can get an idea of your numbers and track any spikes or drops to consult with your doctor or healthcare provider.

Notable features:

  • Sync with a blood pressure monitor through Apple HealthKit or manually enter measurements
  • Store and access your measurements across devices using Apple HealthKit
  • Intuitive graphs and statistics to analyze progress towards goals
  • Record systolic, diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate and weight. Body mass index (BMI), pulse pressure (PP) and mean arterial pressure (MAP) is automatically calculated
  • Create blood pressure reports in PDF format to share with your doctor or healthcare provider

2. Medisafe Medication Management (iOS, Android)

4.7 App Store Rating

4.6 Google Play Store Rating

Medication schedules and instructions can be overwhelming, and missing a dosage can have negative consequences to your health. This free pill reminder and medication tracker app, can help you stay on schedule with medications.

Notable features:

  • Clean and simple design
  • Customizable alarms and reminders
  • Optional lock screen widget
  • Syncs to Apple HealthKit
  • Drug-to-drug interaction notices
  • Family notifications

3. Pacer For Tracking Your Daily Steps (iOS, Android)

4.9 App Store Rating

4.8 Google Play Store Rating

Walking is a great way to get your dose of daily exercise while enjoying the day. Track your steps, flights, calories, distance, and active time 24/7 from your phone, without needing an additional step tracking device

Notable features:

  • No other devices or hardware required, works entirely from your phone
  • Clean and simple design
  • Links to Apple HealthKit
  • Create walking groups with friends and family to motivate each other and compare progress
  • Virtual pacer community to connect and compete with
  • Fun activity challenges to inspire you to get active
  • Outdoor walking routes
  • Guided workouts
  • Personalize-able fitness plans
  • Track routes using GPS to save as a map

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4. ShopWell for Healthier Grocery Shopping (iOS, Android)

4.7 App Store Rating

3.7 Google Play Store Rating

Trying to improve your nutritional intake or simply better navigate the grocery store aisles? This helpful app simplifies nutrition labels, provides personal nutrition scores, and recommends new products that align with your diet, needs, and goals.

Not sure what your dietary goals and needs are? We recommend working with a registered dietician or your doctor to set nutritional goals. Then, use an app like ShopWell to help you stay on track.

Notable features:

  • Create a Food Profile with personal dietary goals, health concerns, allergies, and dislikes
  • Barcode scanner to scan products while grocery shopping and review their nutritional information and see if it matches your nutritional needs
  • Location awareness to find products in your local stores
  • Organize your finds and favorite products with customizable lists
  • Share lists with family and friends
  • Follow lists made by friends and influencers

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5. Calm for Mindfulness & Stress Reduction(iOS, Android)

4.8 App Store Rating

4.4 Google Play Store Rating

Sleep and stress reduction are vital parts of a heart-healthy lifestyle. No matter your experience with meditation and mindfulness, this highly-rated and awarded app for sleep and meditation is easy and enjoyable to use.

Notable features:

  • Clean and beautiful design
  • New 10-minute Daily Calm meditation every day
  • Guided meditations
  • Sleep stories narrated by well-known voices
  • Music library with exclusive songs
  • Videos for movement and stretching
  • Soundscapes and nature sounds
  • Masterclasses taught by experts

Additional Apps For Seniors

These easy-to-use and senior-friendly apps can ease the struggles of day-to-day life, help exercise the mind, and maintain daily organization.

1. Magnifying Glass with Light For Reading Small Print (iOS, Android)

4.7 App Store Rating

4.6 Google Play Store Rating

Ever been in a dark restaurant and forgot your reading glasses? This simple app can save the day by magnifying and illuminating small printed text using a smartphone’s built-in camera, great for reading small print, pill bottles, receipts, books, and more!

Notable features:

  • High contrast mode
  • Magnify zoom from 1.0X - 10.0X
  • Save captured pictures in a library

2. Evernote For Saving Lists & Notes (iOS, Android)

4.4 App Store Rating

4.2 Google Play Store Rating

It’s not always easy to remember the little things, but writing them down can help! Replace your sticky pads and notebooks with this all-in-one productivity app. Write down ideas, make to-do lists, clip articles and web pages to read later, organize your schedule, and so much more right in the palm of your hand.

Notable features:

  • Notes, notebooks, and to-do lists save automatically and can be searched for later
  • Camera scanner to capture and organize paper documents, receipts, and handwritten notes
  • Journals for personal writing and creative thinking
  • To-do lists and tasks with customizable due dates and reminders
  • Connects to calendar apps for daily/weekly/monthly organization
  • Syncs across devices
  • Share lists and notebooks with other users

3. Elevate for Brain Training & Games (iOS, Android)

4.8 AppStore Rating

4.6 Google Play Store Rating

Brains need exercise, too, especially as we age! More than an app, Elevate is a brain training program designed to help users improve their mind’s focus, memory, speaking abilities, processing speed, and more.

Notable features:

  • 40+ brain training games
  • Fun and engaging design
  • Performance tracking
  • Personalized training programs
  • “Workout” calendar to stay motivated and track streaks
  • Adaptive progression increases difficulty as you improve your skills to stay challenged
  • Apple’s App of the Year in 2014

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Take Your Heart Health Into Your Own Hands

Whether using a tablet or smartphone, these apps are designed to help you manage key factors associated with your heart health! Customize the features, notifications, and appearances to your own liking, and remember to keep your lifestyle and heart health goals in mind so the apps can help you reach them. As you explore and give apps a try, remember to be patient with yourself! Each app is designed and built differently, so they may take some time to get familiar with.

It’s important to note, mobile applications are not a substitute for consultation with a doctor or professional healthcare provider. Any health related information gained from apps shouldn’t be used to replace the advice of healthcare professionals or delay seeking medical care. If you have concerns or questions about your health, always consult with your physician or healthcare provider.

Written by:

Risa Schulman


Risa Schulman, Ph.D. has been helping companies and people build wellness for 25 years.

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